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The 18-19-20 th  October 2019 will take place the 13th Chianti Classico Marathon at Castelnuovo Beradenga, (15 km  from Siena), witch  is included in the Italian list of  "Slow Cities  and centre of the Cities of the Wine" .

“And event like Ecomaratona-said the deputy mayor of Castelnuovo Berardenga, Fabrizio Nepi- had been supported by our government from the beginning, becouse it combines perfectly the value of sport with the regard of the territory.

The wineries tour only reinforces further this bond, also allowing a tourist revival in a month, that of October, when the main flow of tourist has gone. It can be a source of revenue for the companies of our district in a time when there is more need than ever. Without omitting that it gives to italian and foreign tourists the chance of exploring a territory which is unique all over the world.”

For the whole day of Saturday and Sunday the Mercantale is organized, near the starting and finish area and in the main streets of the country, with typical products of the territory, like Chianti wine, the olive oil, Tuscan salami, and pecorino cheese of Crete senesi.

After the race have a shower and have lunch at our free pasta party for all the athlets, and then come to the square of arrival and pick up your category prize; thanks to the chip and the TDS support you can have the real-time classification.

You can well out of the expo, where you have the chance to be led by the legendary/great Gelindo Bordin, about the latest Diadora shoes.






The tenth edition of the Chianti Marathon will be remembered as a special edition in particular for new paths of 42 and 21 km . The marathon will take the first 25 unpublished km mostly across gravel roads suitable definitely for everyone. It does not require experience in the trail,  with an elevation gain of about 950 meters.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium of Chianti Classico , we have the privilege to start and move within the most beautiful and important castles and wineries of Chianti .The marathon will start from the Brolio Castle, a rich in history and an imposing castle with an unique position . Alt 490 mt asl

The first 5 km are flat following the main road ,  ideal to warm up , but with a minimum difference in height until reaching the Cacchiano Castle where you will find the first refreshment. And the ideal vantage point is in the direction of Val d' Orcia and Siena in the direction of the hills of Chianti Radda and Gaiole . Alt 505 mt asl.

Through a short and easy path you will go down towards the village San Marcellino .

Here begins a long descent through dirt roads, bordering vineyards and olive groves, which will take you to the lowest point of the path to Coltibuono, a modern cellar where you will find a rich refreshment (280 mt asl). Then it continues with a white road in a gentle slope towards the castle of Brolio, catering to 15 km, 405 mt asl. Through vineyards and woods we will arrive at the village of San Felice, a company of Chianti Classico, also spectacular in the landscape, 20 km 415 mt asl. Next to the wine cellar you will find the rest and the scents of the grape harvest and new wine. Now you will continue in the direction of Villa a Sesta, linking up to the path of 21 km edition 2015. Always surrounded by a spectacular panorama you will arrive at km 25 in the village of Villa a Sesta alt 420 mt asl with a rich refreshment. From this point you filleted on the old route of the marathon. You will find the 3 km long climb that takes you to field 640 mt asl. This is the turning point of the path, so it must be addressed carefully to avoid wasting energy. Campi is the highest point in the route and the most spectacular landscape; shortly after you will arrive at the refreshment, organised by our friends of Risorti di Buonconveto together with the hunters of Castelnuovo. It continues through the vineyards of Tenuta di Arceno with special waves that follow the terrain inclinations. It feels like you enter a magical land with an avenue of cypresses that every year surprises runners that cross, where at the top you'll have a spectacular dining.

Then you will face a descent up to km 38 where, after a short flat stretch, you come out of dirt road to get into a forest path where, for almost 1 km, you will face the last climb. On the top there will be the last refreshment, organised by friends of Bulletta Bike and you have a panoramic view over the village of Castelnuovo , Val d' Orcia and Monte Amiata in the background .There are only 2 km left of a lightly downhill and coming from vineyards, olive groves and a cipressato avenue you will suddenly find yourself al the finish line, feeling  the satisfaction of having lived a unique experience in a land where time has stood still.

To reach the castle of Brolio for the start of the 42K ( about 12 km from Castelnuovo ) , you will find the bus shuttle at 7.15 am. Soon you will be informed specifically about the timetable the transfer of the athletes and bags .

We believe that the new part of the route will give more motivation to tackle not a marathon but a new experience where, even without the stop watch on your wrist, you can feel emotions and sensations that go beyond the simple timekeeping performance, and as mentioned before, suitable for all those who love running and are prepared on the distance.


* : the altitudes and routes were measured  with POLAR V800


START : Brolio Castle, 09.30 am

FINISH : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi  12.30 am

DISTANCE : 42 km

GRADIENT : D+ 950m




1-water, the 
2-water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke 
3- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke 
4- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
5- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
6- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
7- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
8- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
9- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets 
10- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, dried fruit, lemons, oranges, sweets, bread and olive oil (arrive)


Saturday night dinner, Sunday lunch, organisation fee, VAT, DIADORA gadget, a bottle of Chianti wine, medal, and bags (service grant).

Temperature between 7° and 15°

Recommended shoes : trail shoes (for those who are accostumed) or training shoes.

Showers at the comunal stadium in Ortaccio Street and at the comunal gym in Turati Street, 1.




Together with the 13th edition of  Chianti Marathon will take place, with a length of 21 km, the 11th edition of the competitive race called "Chianti Classico Trail".

Definitely it is not a marathon where you can have a fastest time, but thanks to an easy and contoured terrain with gentle slopes, it could be suitable if you are preparing an autumn marathon or if you want to experience a location in nature, where the stopwatch or satellite serve as feedback and do not as km counter.

Compared to previous editions, avoiding getting to Campi, the total altimetry has shrunk but we guarantee equally spectacular scenery and the smile of the volunteers and the reception of the entire organization and the small country of Castelnuovo Berardenga.

The dinner will be offered on Saturday 19th and on Sunday 20th the Pasta Party at lunch after the race.

AWARS : will be awarded the first 3 men and the first 3 women who will be removed from the respective category awards. Will also be awarded the first three men and women in each category men as written in the Regulations 2019

DEPARTURE: at 9.30 from Castelnuovo Berardenga. Athletes can leave their bags at the start

BIB NUMBER : recall that the bibs will be distributed only in Castelnuovo Berardenga. Simply follow the signs that will be present on site.

We will leave from Piazza Marconi thrilled  for the party: a downhill for the first km from a height of 350 meters above sea level, then we go down the paved road to the 3.5 km to a height of 236 meters above sea level .. in front of you you will have a spectacular scenery: on the left the Crete Senesi and Siena in front of the profile, while on the right the hills of Chianti with its famous vineyards.

This first part allows you to easily warm up but it is not advisable to accellerate since the starting line. At 3.5 km you exit from the asphalt and through the vineyard of an uphill road we will reach the 1st dining farm and Poggio Bonelli wine company , height 4.0 km 270 m above sea level.

Reached 5.5 km from a height of 340 meters above sea level always on dirt road in a flat path, you will reach the 2nd refreshment at the winery La Lama 7.5 km alt 380 mt abs. In front of you will have a spectacular view that stretches to the Castle of Brolio, the starting point of the ecomarathon . Followed by a wavy line with short climbs and descents white road and easy field with a short, steep climb that takes you into a paved road , which you follow to 1,300 mt . At the crossroads San Gusmè you will enter the path of the 13 K and 42 K.You have before you a spectacular setting with San Gusmè and vineyards with the colors of autumn .

You find shortly after the 3rd restore the winery Le Trosce 11.5 km alt . 410 meters above sea level .Continue in the field road and downhill vineyards for 2km until you reach the gravel road Arceno alt . 345 above sea level .

You will need to catch his breath because at km 12,7 returning to field road you will face a climb of 1 km along the vineyards and houses that will make you forget the fatigue.Continuing in the white road and at km 14.2 you will have before you the mythical avenue with trees, although uphill will seem to run in a context of other times. You'll understand why this part of Tuscany attracts foreigners and Italians not only due to its attractions but as a place to enjoy long periods where man has been able to combine economic activities ,such as wine and oil and farms, with respect for nature. At km 15.0 alt. 450 meters above sea level at the highest point of this avenue you will have at your disposal the 4th refreshment, very special. It continues by a long descent always white road until the km 18.0 alt 300 meters above sea level.You will enter a forest path of following the level, you will cross the Ombrone, but do not panic it's just a small stream because a few kilometers from the source.At km 18.5 starts on the last but challenging climb again on the path for 1 km with an average gradient of 10%. At the exit of the forest, alt km 19.5 410 slm, you'll find the 5th and final rest of the path in front of you and you will have a splendid view of Castelnuovo Berardenga.The last km will be downhill and along the vineyards and the avenue with cypresses of Felsina you will arrive in the limited traffic zone where you will find the last area of refreshment.

Experience the trial to feel the magia of the territory…


* : the altitudes and routes were measured  with POLAR V800


START : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi 09.30 am

FINISH : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi

DISTANCE : 21 km

GRADIENT : D+ 450m




1-water, the, salts (ENERVIT) 
2- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke
3- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke
4- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke
5- water, the, salts (ENERVIT), Coke, banana, lemons, oranges, sweets, bread and olive oil (arrive)

Temperature between 7° and 15°

Recommended shoes : trail shoes (for those who are accostumed) or training shoes.

Showers at the comunal stadium in Ortaccio Street and at the comunal gym in Turati Street, 1.


TRAIL DEL LUCA - 13K - D+ 300

Also the "Trail del Luca" is confirmed for the 2019 edition: the 13 km trial that crosses the Tenuta of Arceno, which is scheduled for Sunday 20th at 9:30 am from San Gusmè.

It is a competitive race suitable for all runners, even those who have never run a trail, in gravel roads, clean and well-groomed, ideal for those who want to participate in this wonderful event but do not have the preparation for the most demanding races, like "Chianti Marathon - 42 K" or "Chianti Classico Trail - 21 K".

The start will be in front of the village of San Gusmè between the rows of vines of Arceno. You can admire the geometry of the rows which resembles the waves of the sea, making the landscape and the view around you even more spectacular. Like last year, we have added a ring of 2,5 km from the second km, which joins the old route with a total altitude of 300 meters of elevation gain. Athletes can leave their bags at the starting point, these will then be available in Castelnuovo Berardenga after the arrival  (near Teatro Alfieri, about 100 mt from arrival).

It is advisable to reach the start by your own means or accompanied. A shuttle service for the return to San Gusmé parking area will be available from 12.30 am to 3.00 pm).

The first stretch of 800 meters will be a downhill between the rows, a soft start, useful to get the rhythm. At the end of the vineyard you will skirt around a cypress walk with a short but challenging climb (300 mt). Then you will continue for a long and easy downhill stretch  until 1,90 km from the start. From this point you will face a steep path always in the woods in the direction of San Gusme, turning up the driveway of the cypresses. Now you will skirt around the hamlets and the height of the Le Trosce farm you will find a refreshment with the enthusiasm of the Friends of the Chianina di Montepulciano and a wonderful panoramic view (we are at km 3.40). Always downhill you will continue along the vineyards until 4.5 km.

At this point you will enter into a field road next to vineyards and at 4.8 km you will find a challenging and short climb that will continue flat. On the way you will admire Villa Arceno first and then the farm Tenuta di Arceno, which has the merit of taking care of the vines and the territory of Arceno. This stretch of path will thrill you for the beauty of nature and of the houses and on the sixth km you will enter the famous avenue of ancient cypress trees, among the largest ones. The first part is flat but on uphill at the end, where you will find refreshment organized by Rapolano friends of Valenti group, where you feel like attending a party at the seventh km. always continuing on a white road for another km downhill, and then after a flat stretch you will enter the forest where at tenth km you will cross a ford of Ombrone river.Do not panic, it is close to the starting source and will be a very small stream. Soon after you start a path with a challenging climb of 700 meters long, but it will be the last one. At the eleventh km out of the woods you will find the last refreshment run by our friends of Bulletta bike. You will face a flat section with a wonderful panoramic view, being able to observe the finish line just below you.

In fact, after a slight descent, you will enter Castelnuovo where in Marconi square there will be a rich refreshment waiting for you. Moreover, inside the gym "La Bulletta", you will have the chance to make a regerating shower and to eat a tasty lunch in a location which is now more comfortable than it was the past.



* : the altitudes and routes were measured  with POLAR V800


START : San Gusmè 09.30 am

FINISH : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi  12.30 am

DISTANCE : 13 km

GRADIENT : D+ 300m


RECORD OF THE TRAIL : 40 minutes


Free bus service from Castelnuovo Berardenga, via del Chianti n.22 to San Gusmè, from 7.15 am to 8.45 am and from 12.30 am to 3.00 pm. Free baggage transport service from the start to the comunal theater in via del Chianti n.9, just 200 mt from the arrival.


Saturday night dinner, Sunday lunch, bus transportation to and from San Gusmè, organisation fee, VAT, DIADORA gadget

Temperature between 7° and 15°

You can use any type of shoes

Showers at the comunal stadium in Ortaccio Street and at the comunal gym in Turati Street, 1.



Following the start of CHIANTI CLASSICO TRAIL, on Sunday, 20th October at 9.30 am, will start Ecopasseggiata- JUST FOR FUN, of 10 km. The event is plained for all those who want to take a walk along a wonderful route, during which you can find two full rest stops.

You could experience a piece of Touscany and Chianti of unforgettable beauty.

You start going after the athlets of the marathon, along the fist part of the route. It is on tar and follows in the direction of the highway. After 1.3 km you leave this road and along a panoramic white road you run across the borderline between Chianti and the semidesert silver landscape of Crete Senesi, with the outline of Siena on the background.

After the rest stop, gentle slopes and downhills on white roads lead you till Piave di Santa Maria a Pàcina.

A very ancient structure with noticeable preromanic elements, Piave di Santa Maria a Pàcina today is the result of transformations of baroque taste/style. The beautiful surviving romanic architectures referred to the construction of the XI century. The curious bell tower with a cylindrical structure is characterised by horizontal courses of stone with gravels and bricks: it symbolizes an architectural stage in which the component derived from Ravenna is fitted, and it could be found in the diocese of Arezzo throughout the XI century.

After the beautiful church you walk for almost 500 mt before arriving at the agritourism Palazzetti (7.3 km) where you find the second rest stop in an hospitable and pleasant location.

You follow the asphalt road for a short stretch to turn in the direction of Pacina.

Pacina is a convent of IX century with a long history behind, surrounded by wineyards, olive groves where excellent wines are produced nowadays.

The route measures 10 km: the use of training shoes or shoes with a rubber sole is recommended. You have the whole morning timw. At the arrival you receive a bottle of  wine ’Chianti Geografico’

START : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi  09.30 am

FINISH : Castelnuovo Berardenga, p.zza Marconi  12.30 am

INCLUDED : pack of tipical "pasta"




CLICK HERE to download our Chianti Marathon Book 2016

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how to get to Castelnuovo Berardenga:

From Pisa Airport:

Pisa Airport Shuttle is the fastest and cheapest way to get to Terre di Siena from Pisa Airport. A new and comfortable bus which allows a direct transfer to Siena just in two hours and only for 14€. The service, managed by Train Spa was born form the cooperation with Provincia di Siena and the Siena Apt, is run daily and can be booked in advance calling the tool-free numeber 800 913 231. For more info visit

From Florence:

A1> output Firenze Certosa

Highway FI-SI up to Siena, S.G.C. Siena-Bettolle for 15km, output Castelnuovo Berardenga.

A1> output Valdarno

Direction Montevarchi-Arezzo, for 5 km, along the S.R. 69 up to Levane, then take S.P. 540 going to Siena up to Colonna del Grillo (after 22km), and turn right to Castelnuovo Berardenga (5km).

From Perugia-Arezzo

S.G.C Perugia-Bettolle, output Castelnuovo Berardenga

From Rome

A1> output Val di Chiana
S.G.C. Siena-Bettolle for 34 km. , output Castelnuovo Berardenga

For those who arrive by train, these is the bus timetable:


Siena station > Castelnuovo Berardenga: 12.55  /  14.00  /  17.45  /  19.20
Sinalunga station > Castelnuovo Berardenga :   12.25


Castelnuovo Berardenga --> Siena station :   13.10  /  20.04
Castelnuovo Berardenga --> Sinalunga station :   14.50  /  21.50





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Have you already experienced Chianti Classico Marathon ? Or have you heard about our event ? Become a "Chianti Classico Marathon Promoter" and you can win those rewards for the 2019 edition

  • - a free pectoral for one of the three competitive events (42K, 21K o 13K)
  • - a double room accomodation for two nights

All you have to do is to promote in your own country the Chianti Classico Marathon, as best as you can, using the means you prefer (socials, blogs, newsletters, magazine articles, or websites about trials).  We want to relate our event, your own experience, our territory, and our traditions.
The three best projects will be awarded as described above: the prize will be given only if the whole project is finished and is fully documented and described. Of course we will help you giving you pictures, videos, and all the technical, turist and historical information of our territory that you may need to present and exibith our event.So take the chance, be a “Chianti Classico Marathon Promoter”, sending us via mail your personal idea :



How to enter the 42 km, 21 km or 13 km race and how it costs ? Enrolment open date start at 15 th December 2018. You'll can do it on ENTERNOW or click below

For inscription these are the fees:

- until 06/01/2019 : 30 euro
- until 31/08/2019 : 40 euro
- until 30/09/2019 : 50 euro
- until 20/10/2019 : 55 euro

- until 06/01/2019 : 20 euro
- until 31/08/2019 : 25 euro
- until 30/09/2019 : 30 euro
- until 20/10/2019 : 35 euro

- until 31/08/2019 : 15 euro
- until 30/09/2019 : 20 euro
- until 20/10/2019 : 25 euro



€ - until 31th August: 40 euro - until 30th September: 50 euro - until 20th October: 55 euro / -
  • Start : Brolio Castle
  • Finish : Castelnuovo Berardenga
  • Diadora gadget and a bottle of Chianti wine
  • Saturday night dinner
  • Sunday lunch
  • Shower
  • Transfer to starting point


€ - until 31th August: 25 euro - until 30th September: 30 euro - until 20th October: 35 euro / -
  • Start : Castelnuovo Berardenga
  • Finish : Castelnuovo Berardenga
  • Diadora gadget
  • Saturday night dinner
  • Sunday lunch
  • Shower


€ - until 31th August: 15 euro - until 30th September: 20 euro - until 20th October: 25 euro / -
  • Start : San Gusmè
  • Finish : Castelnuovo Berardenga
  • Diadora gadget
  • Saturday night dinner
  • Sunday lunch
  • Shower



After enrolment CLICK HERE , download the "Health form" and fill out completely, sign and return by  fax to  +39 041 5086457 or by mail to


How to enter the "Walk - 10 km"  and how it costs ?
Registration can be done on  Saturday, October 20th at 15:00-20.00 by the office located in Piazza Marconi - Castelnuovo Berardenga and on the morning of Sunday, October 20th  before 8:45 am on the same place (starting point).

Registration fee: 5 €






SHOWERS: after the arrival, showers will be available at the gym and at the sport field (just follow the directions you will find in Castelnuovo)

(42K bag storage) *: the athletes will leave exclusively the special bag used to carry the clothing that they will collect together with the race number, at the Castle of Brolio before getting to the starting point by 9 am. The same will then be collected in Castelnuovo Berardenga in place appropriately indicated.
(13K bag storage) *: Runners can leave their bags in place appropriately designated and adjacent to the starting



Below is the detail of the transfer from / to Siena for 19th and 20th October

- Departure from Siena P.zza Gramsci h 9:00 am with subsequent stops at: Hotel NH, Colonna di S. Marco (in front of Hotel La Colonna). Estimated arrival in Castelnuovo Berardenga at 11.00 am
- From Castelnuovo Berardenga "Teatro Alfieri" at 6.30 pm with subsequent stops at: Colonna S. Marco (in front of Hotel La Colonna), Hotel NH, P.zza Gramsci

BUS 2 
- Departure from Siena Station at 9:00 am with subsequent stops at: Stellino, Due Ponti. Estimated arrival in Castelnuovo Berardenga at 11.00 am
- From Castelnuovo Berardenga "Teatro Alfieri" at 6.30 pm with subsequent stops at: Due Ponti, Siena Station, Stellino

BUS 1 
- Departure from Siena P.zza Gramsci at 06:30 am with subsequent stops at: Hotel NH, Colonna di S. Marco (in front of Hotel La Colonna). Estimated arrival in Castelnuovo Berardenga at 07.30 am
- From Castelnuovo Berardenga "Teatro Alfieri" at 5.00 pm with subsequent stops at: Colonna S. Marco (in front of Hotel La Colonna), Hotel NH, P.zza Gramsci

- Departure from Siena Station at 06.30 am with subsequent stops at: Stellino, Due Ponti. Estimated arrival in Castelnuovo Berardenga at 07.30 am
- From Castelnuovo Berardenga "Teatro Alfieri" at 6.00 pm with subsequent stops at: Due Ponti, Siena Station, Stellino



Chiantiroad n ° 61
Tel.: 0577 351337
opening hours: from March 15th to October 31th from Tues. to Sun. 9:30 am to 12:30 am; Fri. and Sat. also 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
from 1st November to 14th March Fri. and Sat. from 9.30 am to 12.30 am

(*) The program is indicative and subject to change even a few days before the event. Any changes will be published in this section and described in our newsletter


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