CASTELNUOVO BERARDENGA (Siena) – Less than two months before October 16th to 18th, 2020, the scheduled dates of the Chianti Classico Ecomarathon, the running event that for 14 years attracted thousands of athletes to come to visit the unique area of the Chiantishire, famous and adored in all the world has been cancelled.

A running event that offers so many different activities to be shared and “lived” by everybody, not only agonistic races, but also walking and visiting vineyards, pasta party and the three-days Expo offering specific articles for technical runners and at the same time typical local food of the region.

A real Sports Festival, that animates the entire village of Castelnuovo Berardenga, and that donates a marvelous experience to any athlete and his companions.

THE EVENT – In these last months we invested all our power and knowhow  trying to create a running event, respecting the new rules regarding social distance, trying to sign new paths and possible solutions to run in the safest way and to enjoy and have fun in this intense sports weekend.

Today, unfortunately, and very much to our regret, we came to the decision that it is not possible to create the conditions that maintain the “essence” of the Chianti Classico Ecomarathon in all its safety for the athletes, their friends and families, the volunteers and the village accommodating all of us.

It is absolutely not our intention to build up an impersonal and sterile race event, forcing us to send out the bib-numbers by traditional shipping, realizing shifting departures, refreshment points with  only  plastic bottles and packed cereal bars, no applauding audience at all, runners who will need to stride away once passed the finish line and without any award ceremony.

We believe that a race organized in the above mentioned conditions does not reflect at all the spirit that ruled the Chianti Classico Ecomarathon in all these years and with immense regret we feel  obligated to cancel the 2020 edition.

All bib-numbers (for all distances) of registered runners for this year’s edition, as for our terms&conditions, will be postponed to next year’s edition October 15th, 16th, 17th 2021, without the possibility of refund. We will soon inform you how to renew your registration.

Our gratitude, especially this year, goes to our sponsors for their support, believing in us, and permitting us to reach the actual standard.

And also we want to thank the community of Castelnuovo Berardenga for hosting us together with thousands of athletes from all over Italy and many foreign countries.

And finally a very big THANKS to everybody who choose our running event during the last years, who returned and who continues to come back – it is because of you that we find the power and courage to go on stage once again.


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