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Our Winecellar Walk invites you to explore an incredible landscape with marvellous vineyards promising you to pass an unforgettable day among the hills of Chianti Classico.

An engaging sensorial experience in between the scent of wine harvest and the new born olive oil to be tasted.

You will visit some wine cellars in the hills surrounding Castelnuovo Berardenga, where the world famous Chianti Classico DOCG is produced, and where you will taste the famous red ones of Chianti combined with the tasting of authentic local food.

Our 2022 edition offers 3 alternatives of wine cellar walk:

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia” – “History”  

- Explore Azienda Ricasoli - PhotoGallery

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione” – “Tradition”

- Explore Boschetto Campacci Ristorante Da Filetto - PhotoGallery   
- Explore Tenuta di Arceno - PhotoGallery
- Explore Fèlsina - PhotoGallery

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione” – “Innovation”

- Explore Vallepicciola - PhotoGallery
- Explore Tenuta Cavatina - PhotoGallery
- Explore Tenuta Cappellina - PhotoGallery

Description of the 2022 Event

All participants will be guided during the visit by the staff of the wine cellars aswell as by the volunteers of the Ecomarathon Organization during the entire walk. The wine tasting will be assisted by the sommelier of each winery.

Regardless of which program you choose, each group will have a maximum of 50 people. The different departure slots will be listed here:

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia” 

11.45h 1st group by bus (50 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

14.30h 2nd group by bus (50 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione” 

09.00h by bus from Castelnuovo Berardenga

10.00h by bus from Castelnuovo Berardenga

11.00h by bus from Castelnuovo Berardenga

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione” 

09.30h 2 vans (28 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

10.30h 2 vans (28 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

11.30h 2 vans (28 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

12.00h 2 vans (28 people) from Castelnuovo Berardenga

Some more details:

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia”:

dedicated to the Brolio Castle organized in two moments, reserved for only two groups of 50 people each. Both groups will do a guided tour of Brolio Castle, followed by a wine tasting and light lunch or an afternoon snack and the walking distance will be not more than 2km.

The 1st group’s program includes wine tasting followed by a light lunch at a price of EUR 50pp. The 2nd group’s program includes wine tasting and snack at a price of EUR 40pp.

The bus transfer from/back to Castelnuovo Berardenga is included in the quotation.

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione”:

the “Tradition” event has been created for a maximum of 150 registered people, divided in three groups of 50 people each at a price of EUR 50pp.

Departure transfer from Castelnuovo Berardenga to San Gusmè, where a welcome breakfast will be offered by the new restaurant Da Filetto. From here we start walking towards Arceno on pathway and white road for 2.6km until we reach the famous Viale dei Cipressi – Cypresses Road. From here the group will be divided: one half of the group will join the storytelling of the territory by an environment expert. The other half instead will taste some starter of cured meat and pecorino cheese at the winery La Tenuta di Arceno. After approximately 20/25 minutes, both groups will alternate the program. 

The entire group will proceed on white off road trails for another 5.6km, directed to AZ.Agricola Felsina, where the group will be divided again for two itineraries: visit of the winery (30 minutes) and local food tasting of the traditional soup of beans and barbecue of meat (30 minutes).

At the end, it will take a few more minutes to come back to Piazza Marconi in Castelnuovo Berardenga. In total this walk will be approximately 10km. Trekking shoes are requested.

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’Innovazione”:

the “Innovation” walking event will be offered to 4 groups of 50 people (max. 200 registrations) at a price of EUR 55 per person. All participants will receive a thank you- present: a wine glass in a small shoulder bag for the wine tasting.

The transfers will be done by two vans of 28 people, starting from Castelnuovo Berardenga to hotel Fontanelle, the starting point of our walk.

After the first walk of approximately 1,4km the first stop will be held at the Winery Vallepiccola, where the group will be divided in two smaller groups of 25 people each: visit of the winery and the antipasta tasting offered by its restaurant will be done alternately.

Afterwards we will proceed for about 1,4km up to the Azienda Cappellina for our next visit of the wine cellars. The wine tasting will be accompanied by a typical Tuscan soup.

At the end of the visit, we will walk for another 1,5km and stop again at the organic farm Pensieri di Cavatina, where we will taste their produced wines together with a plate of saddle steak with potatoes. And as a sweet conclusion we will be served a dessert accompanied by a glass of VinSanto (sweet wine). The food will be prepared by their Restaurant Ancora. A healthy last walk of 1,2km back to the meeting point and transfer back to Castelnuovo Berardenga.

This path is entirely done on white and plain off-road trails.

In case of bad weather conditions our vans will transfer you from one winery to the other. Shoes with rubber sole are recommended.


This year’s event is divided in three different paths – make your choice!

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia - History”

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione - Tradition”

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione - Innovation”


  1. Only adults +18 years old and born before October 15th 2004 are allowed to register. Children are not allowed to participate aswell as animals.
  2. Individual rates per person (no group rates available):

“La Storia” EURO 50 pp (wine tasting and light lunch); EURO 40 pp (wine tasting and afternoon snack).

“La Tradizione” EURO 50 pp

“L’innovazione” EUR 55 pp

Registration deadline: September 15th , 2022 or at the moment the maximum number of allowed particpants has been reached (please read the information of every single path).

  1. Rates are not refundable in case of no-show. A name change is possible until September 10th, 2022.
  2. The sports event will be hold even in case of bad weather conditions with the following modifications

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia” – no visit of Brolio Castle.

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione” – van/bus transfers between Arceno and Felsina. In case of heavy rainfall, the visit will be done at Felsina Winery with new timetable of departure.

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione” – will be done in case of rain using our vans/busses for transfer from one winery to the other.

  1. Every participant will receive a bracelet for the booked itinerary. Further on all participants registered for the “L’innovazione-Innovation” path will receive a shoulderbag with one wine glass.
  1. Every individually registered person is responsible of its own adequate phyisical abilities to participating to the sports event. The race organization l’A.S.D. Polisportiva La Bulletta declines every responsibility (civil + penalty) regarding injuries to persons and objects before, during and after the event. Each path, even with different levels of effort, does not present any particular difficulties. These events are exclusively done by walking, except some transfers by van or bus.
  2. Every participant is responsible to wear the technical sportswear requested.
  3. The distances of the three paths: Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia - History” – 2km / Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione - Tradition” - approx. 10km on whites off-road trails in between the vineyards, most of the part downwards / Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione - Innovation” – 7km, exclusively on white off-road trails most of the part downwards
  4. Every participant is obligated to act with the maximum respect for the environment. It is strictly prohibited to leave any type of waste along the paths and inside the wine-farms.
  5. All participants release the territory’s landlords, tenants and third parties of any  responsibility regarding streets and trails of the different itineraries of the Emozioni Events.
  6. The participants will have four volunteers of the Excursion Berardenga Group (GEB) at their disposal during every single walking event, to be guaranteed the programmed time schedules of each path.
  7. The definite time schedules, decided by the Organization, will be communicated to all participants/groups latest by September 30th 2022. Eventual special requests of time slots cannot be guaranteed.
  8. Each group, independently of the path choice, may have a maximum of 50 people and sliding departure slots will be fixed as the following:

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Storia-History” 

First departure at 11.45h; second departure at 14:30h 

Emozioni Chianti Classico “La Tradizione-Tradition” 

First departure at 09.00h; second departure at 10:00h; third and last departure at 11.00h

Emozioni Chianti Classico “L’innovazione-Innovation” 

First departure at 09.30h; second departure at 10:30h; third departure at 11.30h; forth and last departure at 12.30h

  1. For organizational reasons all participants must present themselves in the Expo Zone in Piazza Marconi, on time without any delay. Otherwise, in case of no-show, the booking will not be refundable. During the registration, all participants will be asked a valid email address, where all information regarding services, groups and time tables will be sent close to the event’s date. The race organization is not responsible for expired or wrong written email addresses aswell as for the inconveniences derived of the missing information important for the participation of the events.
  1. Please visit our website and download the registration form and all important and necessary information about the event.
  2. To complete the registration it is necessary to send an email to emozioninellecantine@ecomaratonadelchianticlassico.it with the correctly filled-out registration form and together with the wiretransfer copy . Afterwards a confirmation email from the Organization will be sent to all participants.

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